February Means Fresh Icelandic Lamb

Fresh Icelandic lamb in February? Yes, please. This February, Icelandic Lamb is bringing Icelanders something unheard of in winter–fresh lamb. During the month of February for what is being called ‘Fresh Days’ a limited amount of carefully selected fresh lamb is being provided by a small-scale abattoir in Brákarey. This special delicacy will be served at three restaurants, Skál, Tides and ÓX, as well as artisanal delicatessen Pylsumeistarinn and gourmet store Me & Mu.

From farm

Fresh Icelandic lamb is usually only available in the fall so having access to this fresh from the farm, never frozen lamb will be a real treat.

Brákarey is a small-scale abattoir run by farmers in the region of Borgarfjörður, West Iceland. The small-scale production ensures full traceability to the small scale family farms where the utmost care is given to livestock and nature.

To table

For Fresh Days, Icelandic Lamb is partnering with restaurants and businesses that hold the same values of care and respect for the farmers, the land and the quality produce.

At Tides, a luxury restaurant at the five-star Edition Hotel in Reykjavík, chef Georg Halldórsson offers only the best local ingredients available at any given time.

Exclusive eatery ÓX, under the guidance of chef Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson, delights in taking guests on a journey of the senses where freshness is key.

At Skál restaurant, chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson puts great emphasis on offering guests quality Icelandic raw materials directly from the farm, where traceability and sustainability are paramount.

Where to shop

Me & Mu is a gourmet shop, its name is a play on the sounds made by sheep and cows– me and mu in Icelandic. In addition to having a love of onomatopoeia, the owners of Me & Mu specialty store aim to offer customers seasonal gourmet products from small producers and domestic gourmet chefs. At Me & Mu, hygiene and purity are of the utmost importance with a strong emphasis on quality raw materials and traceable processing from origin to delivery to the customer.

Check out https://www.icelandiclamb.is/ for recipes and more.