Summer, Icelandic Style

Summertime in Iceland means 24 hour sun, frolicking lambs, and camping. Just as Icelandic lambs spend their summers roaming the highlands, many Icelanders spend their summer vacations camping all over the country.

Spectacular natural beauty

Iceland has the rare quality of having spectacular natural beauty that is easily accessible. You don’t have to venture far to see gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and beaches but if you want, it is simple enough to pack up the tent or camper and travel around the entire island, camping and getting up to all sorts of outdoor activities to your heart’s content.

Grilling the local favorite

After setting up camp and going for a long hike is there any better reward than grilled Icelandic lamb? Whether the soundscape features a roaring waterfall or trickling stream with a backdrop of soaring mountains or vast rocky outcroppings, it’s the perfect place and time to gather with family and friends around the grill.

Cozyness and clean flavors

Cozy is a favorite word when it comes to describing winter in Iceland, but this kind of moment is the epitome of summer coziness: Exchanging tales of the day’s adventures and mishaps while waiting for the coals to burn down to embers and perhaps adding a sprig of Arctic thyme, chervil or birch leaves discovered on a hike, before a satisfying hiss and sizzle fills the air as you gently place your favorite cut of lamb on the grill.

Once that first bite hits your taste buds you find the delicately wild flavor of Icelandic lamb combined with the smokiness of the grill goes hand in hand with enjoying the Icelandic wilderness to its fullest. It’s a true feast for the senses.

Whether you are cooking on the grill or in your kitchen, check out for recipes and more to help you create your own Icelandic lamb dish.