Taste of Iceland Brings Icelandic Lamb to DC

Icelandic cuisine and Icelandic Lamb have lately been quite active on the international culinary scene.

As part of Taste of Iceland, Washington DC the Chefs, CMC Haflidi Halldorsson and Chef Bjarki Snaer Thorsteinsson a member of The Icelandic Culinary Team presented and taught a class on how to prepare the main ingredients on the Taste of Iceland pop up menu at restaurant Brasserie Beck.

This distinctly Icelandic menu featured a starter of wild Icelandic cod, Icelandic Lamb for the main course, and a dessert of Icelandic skyr. For each course, the class attendees not only learned how to prepare and plate these tasty dishes, they also learned the history of the food and its importance in Icelandic food culture.

A dish featured at the highest level of culinary competition

Last February, the Icelandic Culinary Team secured third place at the 26th IKA Culinary Olympics in. Team Iceland impressed the judges with their dish featuring ingredients locally sourced in Iceland. PDO certified Icelandic lamb filet, potato filled with lamb shoulder, pat choux with fried mushrooms and cheese foam, whey glazed carrot, and a ragout of chanterelles and peas.

From the IKA/Culinary Olympics in Germany to Taste of Iceland in the US, PDO certified Icelandic Lamb, along with the finest Icelandic ingredients, is delighting the taste buds of international audiences, representing Icelandic cuisine, food culture and history with flavorful distinction.

Taste Of Iceland

Taste of Iceland is a cultural festival celebrating the very best of Icelandic culture travelling between North American city´s hosted by Inspired By Iceland. To enjoy the best of Icelandic food, beverages, music, film, literature, and more. In 2024 the festival will be held in Denver Colorado, New York and Seattle. Make sure to follow Inspired By Iceland for updates and to secure your seats for Taste Of Iceland and the next cooking class.