Wardens Of The Land

On April 22nd, the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s theme is climate action – one of the most pressing topics that humanity currently faces.   

From glaciers to geysers, mountains to black sands, Iceland’s unspoiled nature, and spectacular landscapes continue to amaze the world. Fully appreciative of this natural wealth, Icelanders take various measures to preserve it in the best way they can. As a nation founded on agriculture and fisheries, they also recognize that care and respect for the environment are the keys to their survival. As an example, sheep farmers are fully committed to preserving the pure pastures where the unique Icelandic lamb grazes in summer. By feasting on Arctic herbs and berries, it acquires the delicious flavor and texture that it is renowned for worldwide. 

Unfortunately, certain areas risk erosion due to volcanic activity and harsh weather conditions. Since 1907, the government has been tackling this environmental challenge. The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) has actively fought soil erosion, promoted sustainable land use and regeneration, and restored degraded land. 

Moreover, in 1990, farmers across Iceland joined hands with SCSI on the mission to heal Earth’s wounds, preventing erosion and covering their land with vegetation. That has led to a more focused effort, an increased knowledge of soil conservation methods and a healthier environment for future generations to benefit from and enjoy.