A Culinary Olympics dish of roasted Icelandic Lamb

Cooking time: 2 hours | 5 persons

If you are looking for an amazing dish using Icelandic lamb created by some of Iceland´s best chefs look no further. The Icelandic Culinary Team competes among the best chefs and is ranked third in the world after the Olympics 2024. The team has many roles: coaching champions of the industry, creating role models for young people and, last but not least, working on developing and improving Icelandic cuisine and food culture for locals and our visitors to enjoy, with respect for both our history and the ingredients. One of the highlights of the teams menus is our PDO-certified Icelandic Lamb.

The lamb course

Competition on the highest level of gastronomy requires a lot of hard work and skill, the lamb dish has numerous details, some more complex than others and we chose to portray the main parts of the recipes in detail. The recipe includes: Pan fried Lamb filet, crispy skin, buckwheat and ramson capers, Gnocchi potato filled with pulled lamb, lamb jus.

Served with the following in the competition: Paté choux pastry filled with fried mushrooms, Feykir cheese foam. Whey glazed carrot, mornay sauce, lemon thyme. Ragout of chanterelles, green peas and kohlrabi.

Gnocchi Potato filled with pulled lamb

600g Gnocchi dough (see below)

1 piece Lamb shoulder

1l chicken stock

100g Mustard seeds

2 tsb Chives

½ Lemon, zest only

½ Shallot

Put the lamb in a pressure cooker, add the stock and cook for 1 hour. Remove the lamb, and pull it off the bone, note that you will only use approx. 20% of the meat for this recipe. The rest you can save for later. Sieve the remaining stock and reduce it to by ½. Using 20% of the lamb add some reduced stock to it and add mustard seeds, finely chopped chives & shallot and the lemon zest. Using moulds that fit portions, preferably silicon, fill with the Gnocchi dough, leaving a hole in the middle, add some pulled lamb and seal the moulds with more Gnocchi dough. Cook in the oven at 90c for 1 hour.

Gnocchi dough

200g Potatoes

150g Smoked butter

240g Potato starch

180 g Egg yolks

43g Salt

Peel the potatoes and slice evenly, cook or stem until tender. Press the cooked potato through a sieve using a spatula, mix the smoked butter and potato starch by hand, then add the egg yolk and salt.

Lamb jus

1l Chicken stock

1l Lamb stock

100g Celeriac

200g Onion

100g Fennel

1pc Star anise

 1tsp Fennel seeds

3pc Juniper berries

 Lamb cap and silver skin

200g Butter

Roast the lamb cap and silver skin in the oven until golden brown.  Roast the vegetables in a large pot and add the spice and stock. Reduce 1/3 and remove from the stove, add most of the roasted lamb cap/silver skin and leave to infuse for 30 minutes with the lid on. Sieve, reheat and add butter and season with salt.

Fried Lamb fillet

1kg Lamb fillet, cap on

Cooking oil


Fresh thyme


Start by removing the fat cap and silver skin off the lamb, and roast in the oven until golden brown, to be used in the sauce and a crumble topping for the cooked lamb. Season the lamb with salt and roast in a pan on all sides in cooking oil. Add butter, thyme and crushed garlic for the last couple of minutes. Remove from the pan, cook in the oven at 80c for approx. 25 minutes, or when the core temperature reaches 58c. Leave to rest for 15 minutes, add the crumble on top of the lamb, slice and serve.  

Crumble for lamb

30g Buckwheat whole

30g Roasted and dry lamb fat

20g Dried garlic, crushed (not powder)

15g Dried arctic thyme

10 g ramson caper

Deep-fry the buckwheat until crispy, place on a kitchen paper add salt and leave to cool.  Pick the driest part of the lamb fat and dice it. Mix all ingredients except for the ramson capers and use on top of the lamb after cooking. Add the ramson capers last.