Arctic Thyme Cured Icelandic Lamb

Cooking time: 4 days | 12 persons This dish is regularly on the menu of Chef Gisli Matt at the restaurant Slippurinn in the Vestmann Islands of Iceland. Curing with wild foraged Arctic Thyme is what sets the recipe apart from most cured lamb and really makes it truly Icelandic.  Arctic Thyme has the fragrance […]

Grilled Icelandic Lamb Heart, Beetroot Birch Glaze & Dulse

Cooking time: 30 min + marinating overnight | 4 persons Lamb’s hearts are one of the parts of the lamb that is incredibly inexpensive, yet when treated with respect is such an enjoyable part to serve. In Iceland, we have two general methods in preparing lamb hearts: either for a very short time or very […]